Courtney & Brett :: Naperville Engagement Photography

Courtney and Brett are an awesomely fun couple. Just how awesomely fun, you ask?

They're having their wedding at a bowling alley.




Photo Pro Expo 2013

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Photo Pro Expo in Cincinnati. It was long days and early mornings (I had to be up by 5:50 so I could make it to my first class by 7:30)... but I met so many great photographers and picked up a lot of great tips on lighting, equipment, and posing.

Throughout the 4-day conference, they had a massive photography contest running in the lobby.



Fort the Love of The Poppy Cottage

Spreading the Fort Love with an ongoing series about my favorites things to do and places to see and eat in good ol' Fort Wayne. 

It was a Wednesday morning. I was driving down State Street, heading home after a meeting at Georgetown Square. I've been down that road before, and Yum-Mee's Bakery is a favorite stop of mine when I'm in the area... but it had been a while.

So as I'm driving, I spot the cutest little storefront standing alone on the north side of the street.  I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew I had to pull over and check it out.



Erica & Parker :: Fort Wayne Engagement Photography

It's not easy planning a wedding from over 800 miles away. But Erica and Parker are kicking metaphorical butt and taking names... of vendors.

Erica contacted me a few weeks ago and said her and Parker would be in Fort Wayne for a few days in February for some whirlwind planning. It would probably be the only time the two of them would be up here before their September wedding.

Engagement shoot? Yes, please.

Crazy February weather? No problem.

They got dressed up, braved the slight chill, and we ran all over town getting some awesome photos of this special time in their relationship.



The Lounge at Tangles Salon & Spa :: Fort Wayne Wedding Photography

They say being in business is all about who you know.

I've never embraced that idea more than I have this past year. After Ryan and I bought our house in 2011 (a cozy craftsman in Southwood Park), we really strived to make ourselves more productive members of this community, and Fort Wayne as a whole.

Back in December, Ryan and I were fed up that we didn't know any of our neighbors. We moved into our neighborhood because it was quaint and friendly... but we had let our homebody tendencies get in the way. So, we hosted a holiday block party at our house.

There were 19 people from a 2 block stretch. We talked, laughed, ate, and drank for 4 hours straight. And by the end, I had met so many amazing people with interesting jobs and personalities. One of those being Carrie Harris.

Carrie is the co-owner of Tangles Salon & Spa at Georgetown. When we met, she told me all about their new location and their lounge space, which they use for events and bridal parties. It's hard to visualize something like that, so I made an appointment a few weeks later to drop in and check things out.

Let me tell you... I was impressed.



Capewell Family :: Fort Wayne Family Photography

I met up with the Capewell family at Haverford College on a gorgeous Sunday morning. They originally contacted me because they are expecting twin girls in January, and wanted to get photos of their family when it was still the 4 of them.

It was my first time meeting Cadence and Amalia, but they couldn't have been more well-behaved if I had asked. In fact, they were downright excited for their session!

Cadence had amazing patience, and a smile that lit up my LCD screen...



What to Wear: Women's Fall Engagement

I know it's almost November... but it's never too late to talk fall fashion!

Specifically, I'm here to help you figure out what to wear for your fall engagement shoot...