Erica & Parker :: Fort Wayne Engagement Photography

It's not easy planning a wedding from over 800 miles away. But Erica and Parker are kicking metaphorical butt and taking names... of vendors.

Erica contacted me a few weeks ago and said her and Parker would be in Fort Wayne for a few days in February for some whirlwind planning. It would probably be the only time the two of them would be up here before their September wedding.

Engagement shoot? Yes, please.

Crazy February weather? No problem.

They got dressed up, braved the slight chill, and we ran all over town getting some awesome photos of this special time in their relationship.

Thanks to Erica and Parker for making the time during their busy visit to meet up with me. I had a blast (and only got a little cold)! I can't wait for your wedding in September And a special thanks to my favorite pub, JK O'Donnell's for letting us take some photos in your restaurant!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite image is!