The Lounge at Tangles Salon & Spa :: Fort Wayne Wedding Photography

They say being in business is all about who you know.

I've never embraced that idea more than I have this past year. After Ryan and I bought our house in 2011 (a cozy craftsman in Southwood Park), we really strived to make ourselves more productive members of this community, and Fort Wayne as a whole.

Back in December, Ryan and I were fed up that we didn't know any of our neighbors. We moved into our neighborhood because it was quaint and friendly... but we had let our homebody tendencies get in the way. So, we hosted a holiday block party at our house.

There were 19 people from a 2 block stretch. We talked, laughed, ate, and drank for 4 hours straight. And by the end, I had met so many amazing people with interesting jobs and personalities. One of those being Carrie Harris.

Carrie is the co-owner of Tangles Salon & Spa at Georgetown. When we met, she told me all about their new location and their lounge space, which they use for events and bridal parties. It's hard to visualize something like that, so I made an appointment a few weeks later to drop in and check things out.

Let me tell you... I was impressed.

First off, their new location is stunning. It's large, airy, modern, and makes you want to kick off your shoes and have a spa day.

But what I was really there to see was the lounge...

Carrie described it as the perfect space for events and bridal parties. They've got five hair stations so the ladies can get their hair done simultaneously.

Next to that, they have an awesome bar. It's perfect for hanging out and chatting with your friends... all while enjoying mimosas and snacks. Who wouldn't want to spend the morning of their wedding that way?

One big plus is their makeup station right next to the bar. I've seen so many brides having their makeup done next to a lamp or (gasp!) in a hotel bathroom. If you want natural-looking makeup, you need natural light! Their big window will make sure your makeup looks flawless on your wedding day...

Carrie told me there's nothing like their lounge in all of Fort Wayne (that she's aware of). The minute I saw it, I grew green with jealousy. At my wedding, we had our hair and makeup done in my parents' kitchen. My mom was scrubbing hairspray from the counters and cabinets for weeks afterwards.

Plus, imagine what great getting-ready photos you could get in such a cool modern space...

I'm in no way affiliated with Tangles Salon & Spa... I just like giving my readers helpful tips and make them aware of awesome vendors who can make their wedding day run as perfectly as possible!

Tangles Salon & Spa
6724 E. State Boulevard, Fort Wayne