Photo Pro Expo 2013

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Photo Pro Expo in Cincinnati. It was long days and early mornings (I had to be up by 5:50 so I could make it to my first class by 7:30)... but I met so many great photographers and picked up a lot of great tips on lighting, equipment, and posing.

Throughout the 4-day conference, they had a massive photography contest running in the lobby.

The subjects ranged from infants to adults, candids to posed, weddings, families, fine art nudes, and even some things done with Photoshop that I've never seen before.

On Saturday, they opened up the expo floor. To be honest, I find events like that pretty intimidating. I suddenly knew exactly what all the brides at my last 3 bridal shows must've felt like... everyone has something to offer, and you're just running around trying to figure out what you need and where it's located.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that, despite going into the expo with a list of items I needed to buy... I left with nothing. Screw this... I'll just buy it online.

One interesting part of the expo was these model shootouts they had set up around the expo floor. They provided models, a backdrop, and some lights, and you could pose, work with, and photograph the models to your heart's content.

The infamous Zach and Jody Gray had a booth at the expo, and Zach took a few minutes away to teach us edge lighting using some of the models.


I really enjoyed all the speakers I saw, especially Kevin Kubota, Julieanne Kost, and the Grays. Zach and Jody are young, successful, and sure know how to inspire. I left their presentation thinking, Pshh... I totally got this.

It was my first photography conference of what I hope is many. The big whopping mother of all photography conferences, WPPI, is being held in a couple weeks in Las Vegas.

... Maybe next year :)