Wedding Day Bridal Tour :: Fort Wayne Wedding Photography

Yesterday was the culmination of a lot of time, effort, and... (let's be honest) money. It was my very first bridal show at the Grand Wayne Center downtown Fort Wayne!

It was a super early morning. Ryan and I got up at 6:45, left the house by 7:15, and were unloading our cars at the loading docks by 7:30.

We arrived at my booth, and it pretty much looked like this:

But I had an awesome location. I was along the side wall, surrounded by some awesome vendors, such as Good Night Gracie and Thread & Film.

Ryan and I wasted no time getting to work. Check out this time-lapse video I made of us putting together the booth...

After we were mostly set up, we headed home to shower and grab the remaining items, as well as pick up my assistant, Julie. We arrived back at the Grand Wayne Center, scarfed some Jimmy Johns, and put the finishing touches on the booth.

So, without further ado, I present you with the completed booth!

The start of the show was sort of funny. They made an announcement that doors would open in 5 minutes. About 2 minutes later, while I'm darting around my booth capturing some detail shots, I look up, and there's a bride standing there. Woops! I had assumed they would make another announcement when it began... but apparently not!

So here's a closer look at all some of the little details that made up my booth...

You can view even more photos on my Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/9smf7kw

Overall, I think the show went really well. I have no idea how many people I talked to (maybe somewhere around 75?), but I met a bunch of super awesome brides with fantastic venues, who I'm excited to hopefully work with in the future!

If you were one of the brides who chatted with me, and you'd like more information, or to set up a consultation, shoot me an email at kellybentonphotography@gmail.com!

I have about a bazillion people to thank, but the main one would be my awesome husband. He took my crazy idea ("I must have a free-standing wall!") and made it a reality. He put up with my silly Craigslist purchases, my demands for perfection, and a slow-down in paychecks while I poured my money into this project.

Not only that, but after he helped me set up my booth, he stayed for the entire show! He walked around, chatted with other vendors, refilled my cookie tray when it was empty, and did an overall awesome job at spreading the Kelly Benton love. Oh my goodness, am I a lucky girl! :)

The second person I'd like to thank was my fantastic assistant, Julie! She drove up from IU to help me out, and she did a terrific job talking to brides and fielding questions while I was busy.

See you at the next show!!!