Forging Traditions

With December finally here, and snow on the ground (it's difficult for me to pretend I'm happy about that last one)... it's that time of year where we start to focus in on the holidays and the traditions surrounding them.

For me, nothing is more quintessential Christmas than decorating the tree. When I was little, I would get horrifically upset if anyone hung up one of my ornaments without asking. It was difficult to suppress my obsessive and controlling side that wanted to run over there and rip that ornament right off the tree, just so I could put it back on myself. (I was obviously very in tune with the true meaning of Christmas).

Things have changed since then. Ryan doesn't have to worry about me tackling him for helping with the tree. In fact, spending that time together hanging ornaments has become one of our first real traditions as a family.

Ryan and I got married in June. In July, we bought a house. In August, we completely gutted and renovated our kitchen. And in September, I quit my full-time job in Television. So this year... it's safe to say that money is tight. Christmas gifts will be bought on a budget.

Despite all that, my love for the season and my anticipation of Christmas Day remains in tact. Because, as I'm sure you've heard many times before... it's not about presents. It's about spending time with the people you love, and forging new traditions together.

Some people may never understand why I decorate our house until it looks like Christmas threw up all over... but for me, it's a tradition. And when it's December of 2069, and our grandchildren consider it tradition to ogle over Grandma's crazy light-up house collection, it'll totally be worth it.