Miles Christmas 2011 :: Fort Wayne Baby Photography

I was overly excited for my first Christmas Card Mini Session of the year. I spent my free time wrapping empty boxes and hoarding holiday props like my life depended on it. I was high on Christmas.

But when I showed up at Miles' house... it seemed he hadn't gotten the "holiday spirit" memo. He was all tears, and would rather spend his afternoon clinging to mom than having his photo taken.

But that's the great thing about photography... it only takes a few great photos to turn things around. From looking at these pictures, you'd never know we were in the presence of a little scrooge that day...


Miles has the most adorable laugh. I'm so glad he decided to let me capture it...

My favorite from the day...

Maybe Miles doesn't like Christmas because he doesn't yet know that he's going to receive a million presents. Just you wait, Miles... in 25 days, you won't know what hit you!

Thanks to Kim and Mark for having me over once again. It's amazing to see how much he has grown in just a month!

If you'd like to book a Christmas Card Mini Session (30 minutes, $50 sitting fee), contact me today... I only have a couple spots left!