Owen 10 Months :: Chicago Baby Photography

A friend of the family had a brain aneurysm. It resulted in a lot of hospital time and tons of physical therapy to regain her basic motor functions. The therapy was really helping... until the insurance company said "no more".

So back in August, some of her friends held a benefit and silent auction to raise money for continued treatment. And that's where a woman named Cara won a 60-minute photo shoot with me.

It was a horrible circumstance that led us to meet... but the day we photographed Cara's son, Owen, was one full of smiles.

Owen's adorable outfit (love the hat!) fit in perfectly with this vintage trunk I found buried in my brother's closet...

Owen was a great sport during the shoot. There was minimal crying, and tons of cute baby grins!

When Owen's aunt pulled out this little elf costume, we all got a good laugh. But these turned out to be some of my favorite photos from the day...

The best moments are often the ones you didn't plan for. Owen was feeling a little concerned for his dog who had to stay outside during the shoot...

It's always great when people can come together and do something fun for an important cause. I had a blast photographing Owen. Thanks to Cara and her family, and thanks to my Mom for assisting during the shoot!