Joining the Wedding Photojournalism Association

I'm excited to announce that yesterday, I received my acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalism Association. The WPJA is an elite group of international wedding photographers whose work focuses on candid and unobtrusive documentation of the wedding day.

According to their website,
"the WPJA only accepts into membership gifted, honest wedding photojournalists who work tirelessly to deliver excellent photography to their clients."
It's an honor to be accepted, especially on my first try. I've read horror story after horror story of wedding photographers who were rejected upwards of 7 times in a row. Yikes!

So what does this mean?
It means, as soon as they get my profile up and running, I'll be the only Fort Wayne wedding photographer featured in their directory. It also means that I can now officially call myself a photojournalist (which just sounds way cool, in my opinion).

Joining the WPJA has been a goal of mine since I started my business. It's how I found Ryan and I's wedding photographer over 2 years ago, so I'm sure it will be a valuable asset to my business from here on out.

Let the celebrations begin... leave a comment below!