Fort the Love of Italian Food

Spreading the Fort Love with an ongoing series about my favorites things to do and places to eat in good ol' Fort Wayne.

I am a self-proclaimed Italian food addict. I eat pasta for dinner an average of 4 times per week. Thus, discussing my favorite Italian restaurants in Fort Wayne not only got me excited... it got me hungry!


First up is Ziano's. They have three locations in town (Covington, Dupont, and Chapel Ridge), which are so perfectly spread out that there's amazing Italian food for everyone!

Their salads are delicious. Their pasta is delicious. But their breadsticks... their breadsticks are what keep me up at night... dreaming of their fluffy, parmesan-sprinkled goodness.

Oh, and they're only $1. Yes, one stinkin' dollar. If I didn't care about gaining 50 pounds, I might just go and order breadsticks from them every single day. And every breadstick-y meal would be as delicious as the last, because they make them from scratch daily.

My Suggestions: Breadsticks (obviously), and Fettuchini Alfredo. Visit during the week or come early on the weekend to avoid waiting forever for a table (especially at the very cramped Covington location).

Toscani Pizzeria

Toscani Pizzeria is a downtown gem that Ryan and I discovered right after moving to Fort Wayne. Any establishment that opts to open shop downtown gets my vote... but there's more to them than just a hip location.

Despite the "pizzeria" moniker, I found Toscani's to be more about great overall Italian food than grabbing a pie to go. It's great for large groups, and there never seems to be much of a wait.

My Suggestions: Cheese Manicotti, any Pizza, and the Hugo Sandwich (their house specialty). Hit them up in the warmer months to enjoy their nice outdoor seating.

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite thing to order from these places!