What to Wear - Men's Winter Engagement :: Fort Wayne Engagement Photography

Previously, I showed you a super adorable outfit for a woman doing a winter engagement shoot. But as we know, you can't do an engagement shoot alone! So, today, I present you with a guy's outfit for that very same occasion.

I'm all about keeping things affordable, so all these items are from American Eagle or H&M...

T-Shirt - American Eagle, $15.50
Button-up Shirt - American Eagle, $39.50
Coat - American Eagle, $89.50
Jeans - H&M, $49.95
Scarf - H&M, $12.95
Belt - American Eagle, $19.50
Shoes - American Eagle, $24.50

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Also, leave a comment if you have any suggestions for outfits you'd like to see here in the future!